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The Global Question  •   Mission + Vision Statement

revolutionary  >  resolutionary  <  reactionary

We propose and cultivate compassionate recognition of the diversity of humanity’s means of understanding our existential dilemmas. Further, we emphasize celebration of the mutuality of all human exploration and expression of our perceptual, conceptual, physical, and ethical responses to existence.

By means of a multidisciplinary approach rooted in Depth Psychology and techniques of active imagination, this recognition and celebration constitutes our skeleton key to The Global Question.

Western culture’s exhausted Modernism posits “Our Existential Dilemma” through critique and deconstruction tending toward Post-Modernist relativity, while metaModernism addresses The Global Question through a profoundly resolutionary as well as revolutionary relate-ivity. This entails inclusivity, and requires empathy, compassion, and embodiment.

The T|G|Q Community  •  envisioned (multidisciplinary roundtable) & evident (current disciplines)

Intent on opening and maintaining a locus for mythic imagination realized through inspiring and fulfilling avenues of creative and professional work, we envision The Global Question as a community of scholars, artists, philosophers, theorists, and all thoughtful witnesses committed to celebrating and critiquing the human endeavor to understand (if not always agree upon) our effective means of formulating, constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing, reformulating, revisioning, and recombining human experience and culture.


T|G|Q  •  The Principal

Gregory Baisden, Ph.D. | Executive Editor | gsb@the-global-question.com
A professional writer and editor for three decades, Gregory began his career as an investigative journalist with work for the Marin Scope newspapers, the San Francisco Examiner, and The Dallas Morning News. As Managing Editor of The Comics Journal and Tundra Publishing, in-house editor with Eclipse Books, and Co-Publisher of Starhead Comix, Gregory for several years enjoyed a prominent role in the burgeoning graphic novel and illustration industry now informing numerous Hollywood projects. In 1991, Gregory founded SparrowHawk Productions, an editorial and packaging service he continues as Creative Director, providing an expansive arts-and-business approach to a diverse array of clientele and projects. Having doubled the circulation of Common Ground of Puget Sound as editor and chief writer, Gregory trained as a practitioner of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration, receiving his certification in 1999 and launching both his practice and the successful SOMA Journal and SOMA Messenger newsletters serving fellow professionals and their clientele. Lifelong interest in mythology and yogic arts, and a personally devastating car accident in 2002, impelled Gregory to undertake graduate studies. With the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, he achieved his M.A. in Transpersonal Studies with his 2007 thesis “Orpheus & Eurydice: A Mystery Play.” With Pacifica Graduate Institute, he achieved a second M.A. in 2008, and his Ph.D. in Mythological Studies emphasizing Depth Psychology with his 2012 dissertation “Recombinant Mythology as answer to The Anti-Life Equation.” This work offers a diagnosis of Western culture’s underlying contempt for phenomenal living (The Anti-Life Equation) followed by the formulation of a rigorous hermeneutic for seeing through our entrenched narratives (Recombinant Mythology) toward revisioned cultural and spiritual paradigms.



T|G|Q  •  From Whence We Came

The Global Question grew from an ongoing conversation (some might call it a debate) between Rebekah and Gregory about the necessity for a robust interdisciplinary forum on issues of sustainable coëxistence confronting the global community. Begun more than seven years ago on the first day of their first session as classmates at Pacific Graduate Institute, that conversation persisted and prospered during classes, between classes, over many hours after classes, and into the post-classwork dissertation process — during which it gestated patiently (some might say restlessly).

Recognizing common, deeply resonant threads between their distinctive dissertations, Gregory and Rebekah began formulating means of continuing and sharing their fruitful conversation. Rebekah’s love of technology as a means for communicating creatively about cultural content seemed to compliment Gregory’s fascination with the written word and devotion to publishing.

The resulting formulation — our T|G|Q website and its companion Pathwork Press publications and Mythic Pathwork workshop series — suggests itself as a dynamic environment for fostering fresh narratives that shift humanity towards resolutionary relations with ourselves and our planet.