Editorial Guidelines & Protocol for Submissions

The Global Question welcomes material from all disciplines of serious inquiry, with particular interest in essays, research papers, commentaries, reviews, etc., amplifying the imperative of multidisciplinary approaches.

We seek material addressing the themes of discourse noted in our masthead and emphasizing the world’s struggling global paradigm, its purported fortunes and evident failures, its current challenges and requisite changes. Further, we encourage submission of diverse types of visual art as well as audio pieces given their applicability to our vision + mission statement. While we accept submission of original fiction, poetry, and treatments of mythic and other material, we choose and present such offerings with especial selectivity. Please feel welcome to submit work to us year-round through email attachment.

T|G|Q cultivates professional, rigorous, superlatively clear and engaging writing, and privileges The Chicago Manual of Style with MLA citation routine. We greatly prefer digital submission of material (.doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .mov) through our website rather than hardcopy submission through e-mail or postal services. Manuscripts of 2,000 to 6,000 words should be marked to the attention of our discrete sections:

FEATURES | essays, articles and research papers, commentaries

CONVERSATIONS | interviews and dialogue or forum discussions in textual form (audio/video presentations welcomed for our MEDIA section)

MEDIA | audio and video material of all sorts

GALLERIES| visual art intended specifically for presentation in our curatorial section

REVIEWS | commentary and analytical review of materials in all media

MYTHIC STORY | original treatments and/or commentaries on diverse narrative material, with special emphasis on mythological, spiritual, scriptural, or cultural literature

PORTRAITS | human interest profiles, sometimes with analytic commentary, of persons, disciplines, and movements contributory or applicable to the themes of discourse noted in our masthead as applicable to our vision + mission statement.

BLOGS | writings presented as personal, anecdotal, and/or ruminative “columns”

YOUR MANUSCRIPT in 12-point double-spaced type with one-inch margins and sequentially numbered pages including a title tagline, must include a first page with both name of author(s) and contact information (e-mail and street addresses, phone number) as well as word count and notification of any prior publication. We do not accept materials submitted simultaneously elsewhere. Please include a last page with brief yet descriptive biographical note outlining relevant disciplinary credentials, activities, publications, and interests.

YOUR AUTHORIAL VOICE is as important to us as OUR EDITORIAL VOICE — which is to say that we both honor your research efforts and unique prose style and preserve our editorial standards and special visionary perspective. Thus, as professional writers and editors ourselves, we applaud your distinctive conceptual and compositional work as we adhere to preferences for clarity in communication and consistency of reference that make all of our selections as engaging and credible as possible. In that pursuit, we work with each of our authors and creators, if necessary, to assure mutual satisfaction in presentation.

T|G|Q offers primary publication for works of noteworthy and exceptional insight and rigor. Works accepted for publication remain active on our website from initial presentation through archival display. Authors retain copyright in their original works.